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Equipping for Wholistic Development

The work of 360 Transformation is to assist in the transformation of individuals, communities and nations in Southern Africa through:

  • Equipping in effective strategies of development
  • Strategic partnerships with others having a vision for transformational ministry in developing communities.


Community Health Evangelism

We provide awareness seminars and training for Community Health Evangelism throughout Southern Africa .

Vision Seminars (1-2 days)

Casting a vision for wholistic transformational development
Introducing What CHE Is and How it Works
Intended for organisational, church and community Decision Makers

Training of Trainers 1, 2, 3 (5 days)

TOT 1 - Focuses on development philosophy and how to start a CHE program
TOT 2 - Focuses on developing teaching materials, methods, and curriculum.
TOT 3 - Focuses on evaluation, program expansion, multiplication, and management.

Salt and Light Training

This training is intended to introduce and empower indiriduals and churches as architects of their own development and to begin their own wholistic outreach into the community

Community Development Seminars

The Community Development Seminars are series of seminars based on the CHE strategy, customized specifically for introducing and equipping others for wholistic development in their own particular development or discipleship programmes.

Topics include:

  • What is Development
  • Relief vs. Development
  • Community Ownership & Participation
  • Worldview & Development
  • Addressing Root Causes

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Formally and informally, 360 Transformation staff consult with organisations, individual churches & denominations, and donors, engaging in conversation on topics such as:

Community Development

  • What is Development?
  • Relief vs. Development
  • Community Ownership & Participation
  • Worldview & Development
  • Addressing Root Causes

Wholistic Development

  • What is wholistic/holistic/integral ministry?
  • Biblical view of Wholistic Mission
  • Wholistic: Innovative or Ancient?

Insights for Cross-Cultural Collaboration (Helping without Hurting)

  • Western and African perspectives on Resources and Money
  • Establishing Community Ownership
  • Sustainability and Accountability

Developmental Donating

  • “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day…”
  • Exposing “The Golden Rule of Development” – He who has the gold, rules”

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