African Friends and Money Matters

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African Friends and Money Matters grew out of frustrations that Westerners experience when they travel and work in Africa. Africans have just as many frustrations relating to the Westerners in their midst. Each uses and manages money and other resources in very different ways, and these differences create many misunderstandings and frictions.

The author deals with everyday life in Africa. He first introduces the very different goals of African and Western economic systems and then presents ninety observations of African behaviors related to money matters. Explanatory comments are given that show how each one works out in real life. He illustrates his and others' experiences with anecdotes from across the continent. Drawings by two African artists add further clarity to the text as they capture Africans and Westerners in authentic situations. The result is that the reader is able to make sense of customs that at first seem incomprehensible.

This book will be of interest to Westerners living, working, or traveling in sub-Saharan Africa: business, government, diplomatic, and NGO personnel, religious workers, journalists, development sociologists, and tourists. The audience also includes professors and students in African studies. Africans will also be interested for what it reveals about Western culture and many of the significant ways Westerners react to Africa.
About the author

David Maranz, Ph.D., has lived and worked with SIL International in Cameroon, Senegal, and several other countries in Africa since 1975. He has worked in community development, anthropology, administration, and as an international anthropology consultant. He has a Ph.D. in International Development. His earlier book, Peace is everything, examines the worldview and religious context of the people in the Senegambia region of West Africa.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Use of Resources
  • Friendship
  • The Role of Solidarity
  • Society and People of Means
  • Loans and Debts
  • Business Matters
  • Toward a Conclusion
  • References
  • Index

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