Vision and Mission


The vision of 360 Transformation is to see transforming ministry in developing communities.

We envision:

  • Ordinary community members empowered to take increasing responsibility for meeting their own physical, emotional, social and spiritual health.
  • Outside assistance providing strategic and effective support for sustainable and long term community owned development, with relief provided only in short term, emergency situations.
  • Collaborative partnership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide training, consulting, and networking in wholistic community development to those serving in developing communities.

We will fulfill our mission through:

  • Building relationships with community leaders, churches, NGOs, and organizations that desire lasting physical, emotional, social and spiritual change in communities.
  • Training and consulting in strategic principles and effective strategies of community development such as Community Health Evangelism.
  • Networking and facilitating collaboration with others who provide different and unique type of individual and community assistance.
  • Growing organizational sustainability through providing low cost literature and other strategic income generating initiatives.