Beliefs & Vision

What We Believe

Healthy people = healthy communities = healthy nations

We believe healthy, productive people make vibrant, thriving communities, which in turn make strong nations. Even a superficial glance at our world today shows that we have too many unhealthy people living in unhealthy communities. Some of those communities are economically/materially underdeveloped, yet emotionally and spiritually strong, while others are materially well off but socially fractured, emotionally unhealthy or spiritually apathetic.

What is needed are individuals in each community, socio-economic, gender, and age to be discipled, trained, equipped and empowered as catalytic, “positive deviants” to actively participate in the transformational development in their particular context, whether family, business, church/ministry, education, government, entertainment, media...

360 Transformation is an independent, non denominational Christian organization and the statements of faith below reflect our Christian orthodoxy and our desire not to be divisive on secondary issues. Though we hold our Christian beliefs very strongly we also value partnership and collaboration and we recognize that not everyone we may work with will agree with us on every point or may not proclaim any faith at all. Where that is the case we agree to collaborate in areas that we can and refrain in those particular areas in which our collaboration will compromise our beliefs or values.

We ascribe to the Lausanne Covenant & Micah Declaration on Integral Mission.


The vision of 360 Transformation is to see transforming ministry in developing communities.

We envision:

  • Ordinary community members empowered to take increasing responsibility for meeting their own physical, emotional, social and spiritual health.
  • Outside assistance providing strategic and effective support for sustainable and long term community owned development, with relief provided only in short term, emergency situations.
  • Collaborative partnership.


Our mission is to provide training, consulting, and networking in wholistic community development to those serving in developing communities.

We will fulfill our mission through:

  • Building relationships with community leaders, churches, NGOs, and organizations that desire lasting physical, emotional, social and spiritual change in communities.
  • Training and consulting in strategic principles and effective strategies of community development such as Community Health Evangelism.
  • Networking and facilitating collaboration with others who provide different and unique type of individual and community assistance.
  • Growing organizational sustainability through providing low cost literature and other strategic income generating initiatives.

Core Values

Partnerships: We believe that working together is essential for accomplishing the task of total transformation of individual lives, communities and the world. We are compelled to work with others in areas of common vision.

Strategic Thinking: We strive to think smarter and not harder in all that we do. We want to fill in the gaps where no one else is doing what needs to be done avoiding duplication where others are already successful.

Vision Driven Funding: 360 Transformation accepts funding based on a common vision for individual, organisational and community transformation. Therefore, we will accept any support in areas of commonality and decline any support where donations are accompanied by requirements to do action outside the scope of our values and vision. Organizationally, we aspire to economic sustainability through participating in various strategic income generating activities.

Prayer: Transforming lives is the work of God. We recognize that this is not a result of ideas and personal effort, and will not happen apart from prayer and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Integration and Wholism: We are personally committed to complete obedience to all that Jesus commanded including compassion for the physical needs of people as well as evangelism and discipleship. We recognize an integral relationship between the physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Our programs seek the total development of the whole person and community.

Commitment to the Poor and Marginalized: Jesus came to preach good news to the poor. As His ambassadors, we affirm the worth of the poor and marginalized. We call them to be children of God through faith in Christ, and seek to release them from brokenness and despair.

Long Term Solutions: We concentrate our efforts on long term solutions that break the cycle of poverty and disease. We train, equip, and empower people to do for themselves. We focus on development rather than relief, and disease prevention rather than cure.

Local Ownership and Initiative: Sustainable programs are owned by the people and built on local initiative. Ownership and initiative is demonstrated through volunteerism and strengthened through capacity building. We take time in communities to participate with them in assessing their needs, identifying resources, and assisting them in organizing for action through training and consultation.

Participatory Learning: We believe that people must be active participants in their own development. Therefore, we use methods for learning that engage participants in a process of reflection and action. We also believe that people learn by doing, and that modeling is essential.

Multiplication and Movements:  Our aim is not merely projects, but movements. This is facilitated by training people to train others using concepts that are transferable. We build cooperation and vision at a community level. We work collaboratively with faith and community based organizations, local and international relief and development agencies, churches, missions, and governments to facilitate the transformation of individuals, communities and nations.

Christian Servant Leadership:  Jesus is our model. We seek to imitate him in humility and love. Jesus taught that the greatest in the kingdom is the servant of all. Every leader in our organization is Christian, and each one a servant. We seek to model servant leadership in our organization and programs, and to develop leaders in every community who give sacrificially to serve the needs of their people.

Addressing Root Causes: We are committed to identifying and addressing root cause of physical, emotional, social and spiritual poverty, not just changing their effects (fruit).