About Us


360 Transformation - is a Christian development organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa committed to facilitate the equipping and networking of individuals, churches, and organisations for physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and economic development in Southern Africa.

  • As a Christian organisation we are rooted in Kingdom values and desire to see people empowered and discipled to practically demonstrate the integration of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.
  • As a development organization we desire to see long-term, sustainable, locally led, wholistic development effectively transforming the lives of community members particularly in economically and materially underdeveloped areas.

Our 360 Transformation staff offering training, consulting and networking opportunities to individuals, churches and Christian ministries, Non Profit Organisations and NGOs, governements and various networks who desire to be involved in transformational development in their respective contexts. We employ effective strategies of development, strategic partnerships and innovative funding initiatives such as:

  • Community Health Evangelism - CHE is a comprehensive strategy of wholistic community development used by hundreds of organisations in over 100 countries around the world.
  • Collaboration / Partnerships - We proactively and intentionally seek opportunities to work with other local, national and international people, ministries, and networks.
  • African Friends and Money Matters - We are distributors of the African Edition of this insightful book written to help understand the differences between "Western" and "African" perspectives on the use of money and resources.